Price list

  • Settlement terms

    The remuneration is determined during individual conversations with the client.

    Settlement systems
    There are two main settlement systems:
    - Flat rate remuneration system – remuneration is determined by setting in advance the specific amount. This system is used in cases in which it is possible to roughly determine the scope of work and the time needed.
    - The hourly settlement system – the amount of remuneration depends on the amount of time spent on the case. This system is mainly used for permanent legal services, and when it is not possible to determine in advance the scope of work.

    Payment deadlines
    Firm’s remuneration is payable in advance. However, there is a possibility to pay it in instalments.

    Other rules
    In principle, the firm does not charge the so-called success fee. We also do not accept cases for conditional fees, i.e. without any initial fee, where the remuneration is calculated as a percentage of the client’s recovery, if the lawsuit is successful.

  • Legal advice

    The costs of standard legal advice is usually determined at a flat rate in advance, depending on the complexity of the legal issue.

    Currently, the rate of remuneration for legal advice ranges from PLN 150 to 200. The fixed amount does not include VAT.

    In the case of court representation, legal advice is free.

  • Pleadings and contracts
    The cost of writing a standard pleading (e.g. petition or appeal) is usually determined at a flat rate in advance. It depends on the complexity of the cases and the period in which the pleading is to be prepared.
    If writing the pleading requires analysis of the court files, there is an additional charge for activities performed outside the firm.

    Remuneration for the preparation or analysis of a contract is determined individually, depending mainly on the degree of detail of the contract and the deadline.

    Currently, the rate of remuneration for the preparation of a draft pleading or contract ranges from PLN 300 to 500. The fixed amount does not include VAT.

  • Court cases
    The flat rate remuneration usually concerns litigation. The remuneration of solicitor is determined by agreement with the client, but there is some indication in the Regulation of the Minister of Justice of 22 October 2015 on fees for solicitors and the State Treasury incurring costs of unpaid legal assistance granted by a court-assigned solicitor.

    For example, in a ‘normal’ action for payment, the remuneration is determined in scales depending on the case value. According to the mentioned regulation, the minimum rates for the case value are as follows:

    1) up to PLN 500 – 120;
    2) more than PLN 500 to 1,500 – PLN 360;
    3) more than PLN 1,500 to 5,000 – PLN 1200;
    4) more than PLN 5,000 to 10,000 – PLN 2.400;
    5) more than PLN 10,000 to 50,000 – PLN 4.800;
    6) more than PLN 50,000 to 200,000 – PLN 7.200;
    7) more than PLN 200,000 – PLN 14.400.

    The fixed remuneration amount does not include VAT.
    In addition to the value of the subject matter of the dispute, the amount of remuneration is also affected by the level of complexity of the case and its duration.

  • Negotiations

    Participation in negotiations, assisting in the signing of contracts, etc. is usually settled on hourly rate.

You can get current information on rates by calling or e-mailing us.